Hyundai Elevator develops products appropriate for building designs and elevator uses so as to provide customized solutions. Not only safety and ride quality but space efficiency is taken into account to provide you with optimal products that will raise the value of buildings with exquisite designs and convenient functions.
Speed Use Type
5~18m/sec Hotels, office buildings Machine Room
3~4m/sec Residential, office buildings, hotels, hospitals
1~2.5m/sec Residential, office, educational, commercial buildings, public buildings, hotels, hospitals
1~2.5m/sec Machine Room Less
1 ~ 1.75m/sec Small-sized residential buildings, studio apartments, commercial buildings
Special-Purpose Elevators Observation, Hospital, Freight/Automobile -

Ultra-High Speed Elevator

over 50 stories tall

High Speed Elevator

up to 50 stories tall

Low and Mid-Speed Elevator

up to 45 stories tall/MR

Low and Mid-Speed Elevator

up to 35 stories tall/MRL

Special Purpose Elevators

The combination of advanced technology and sophisticated exterior design of the observation elevator increases the value of the building.

1-Sided, 2-Sided, 3-Sided, Semicircular, Glass-walled observation elevators
0.75 ~ 1.75m/sec
450 ~ 1,600kg
Passenger Capacity
6 ~ 24 persons

Good ride comfort and various convenient functions of the hospital elevator raises the value and quality of a medical institution.

Standard, Double entrance
0.5 ~ 1.75m/sec
1350, 1600kg

A robust freight/automobile elevator designed for carrying heavy items such as arge freight and vehicles

General, Hydraulic
0.3 ~ 1m/sec
1,500 ~ 5,000kg