Escalators & Travellator

The escalators and moving walks of Hyundai Elevator connect severed areas, transforming them into an open and mutual space in a building. They will offer a new dimension of safety, efficiency and ride quality.

Vertical HeightInclinationUse
2m ~ 6m35°Commercial buildings
(malls, department stores, etc.)
1.7m ~ 10.5m30°
Public facilities
(airports, subway stations, etc.)
10.5m ~ 22m
Moving Walks / Travellator
Vertical HeightInclination

Product Features

Exquisite Design

The designs blend harmoniously with the building, creating an air of refined aesthetics.

Enhanced Safety

All situations that may arise during operation are considered to create a safe and comfortable environment of escalator use.

Accumulated Experience

They are installed in areas with large volumes of cargo transportation and foot traffic to solve congestion and ensure a smooth flow.

Multiple Functions

The multiple functions of the escalators will meet the needs of users, operators and customers for efficient maintenance and energy savings.

Optional Features

Automatic Operation System

The radar sensors detect approaching passengers to operate automatically the escalator.


It is a safety device to indicate the direction of the escalator/moving walk.

Direction Indicator of Automatic Operation System

It is a display system to indicates the direction in concert with the automatic operation system

Failure & Operation Data Display Unit

Failure and operation data are sent to the monitoring system for convenient maintenance.